Welcome to Mythology Music. We’re newly launched in April 2018 and we’re planning to bring you lots of original music for relaxation and meditation. We work in a number of genres, including Space Music, Orchestral, Ambient, Piano Music and more.

We were so excited to bring you some new music that we’ve uploaded four of the tracks from our forthcoming album already  – ‘Dreaming Of The Stars’, ‘Majestic Solar System’, ‘Journey To The Stars’ and ‘Nebula’, the video for which features stunning images from the Hubble telescope.

Once our first album is complete we’ll be uploading to all of the usual online services and our own Bandcamp store, so you’ll be able to stream on Spotify, etc. All of our music will be available to license for your own projects too, more details coming soon.

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Featured Releases

Latest Ballet Music Releases

Ballet Class Music – Battement Tendu

Battement Tendu: to beat, stretch. A great daily warmup exercise that gets you ready for more complex warmups such as Grand Battement. Released on 7th December 2018. Buy at Bandcamp Other music in this...

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Ballet Class Music – Pliés

Plié: to bend. A gentle piece of music for warming up the legs at the start of a ballet class. Released on 7th December 2018. Buy at Bandcamp Other music in this...

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Latest Space Music Releases

Journey To The Stars

For centuries mankind has dreamed of travelling to the stars... Images courtesy of: pixabay / CC0 Creative Commons Use Composer: Atheen Other music in this style...

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These stunning Hubble images show a selection of Nebulae, the birthplace of new stars. The Three Pillars are 24 trillion miles tall and when we look at them, we are viewing how they looked 6000 years in the past... Credits: Orion Nebula: NASA, ESA, M....

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Majestic Solar System

Our solar system is just a tiny, insignificant speck in our corner of the universe and yet it's still filled with grandeur... Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune Planet renders courtesy of: Paul Ross at www.archive.org Creative Commons 1.0...

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New Music In Production

Dreaming Of The Stars

coming soon

Gods Of Olympus

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Relaxing Piano Music

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Natural World

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