Welcome to Mythology Music, the home of UK artist Atheen. Launched in April 2018, Mythology Music is the space where Atheen can release a random collection of instrumental compositions that don’t fit alongside her main Jazz/Funk music style.

Atheen works in a number of genres, including Space Music, Orchestral, Ambient, Prog, Cinematic, Piano Music and more. Although Ballet Music may seem out of place here, it’s full of wizards, deities and princesses which fits perfectly with the Mythological theme.

Completed releases will be uploaded to all of the usual online services and our own Bandcamp store, so you’ll be able to stream on Spotify, etc. All tracks can be licensed via this site, you can browse the compositions and select your license type for instant clearance and access.

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Latest Ballet Music Videos

Ballet Class Music – Révérence

A reverence with shimmering strings - a way to thank your teacher for the class but also to practise your bows and curtsies for a live performance. Released on 7th December 2018. Buy at Bandcamp Other music in this...

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Ballet Class Music – Allegro

Allegro: cheerful, lively, brisk. A fun part of any ballet class or performance, giving you a chance to shows off your leaps and turns. Released on 7th December 2018. Buy at Bandcamp Other music in this style...

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Ballet Class Music – Adage

Adage: slowly, at ease. A chance for you to show off your control and mastery with a slow performance full of grace and fluidity. Released on 7th December 2018. Buy at Bandcamp Other music in this style...

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Latest Space Music Videos

Journey To The Stars

For centuries mankind has dreamed of travelling to the stars... Images courtesy of: pixabay / CC0 Creative Commons Use Composer: Atheen Other music in this style...

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These stunning Hubble images show a selection of Nebulae, the birthplace of new stars. The Three Pillars are 24 trillion miles tall and when we look at them, we are viewing how they looked 6000 years in the past... Credits: Orion Nebula: NASA, ESA, M....

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Majestic Solar System

Our solar system is just a tiny, insignificant speck in our corner of the universe and yet it's still filled with grandeur... Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune Planet renders courtesy of: Paul Ross at www.archive.org Creative Commons 1.0...

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New Music In Production

Dreaming Of The Stars

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Gods Of Olympus

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Relaxing Piano Music

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Natural World

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