Hey, Happy New Year – it always feels like such a long break in our household with Christmas, New Year and Birthday celebrations all at once. I also take the opportunity each year to compose Christmas music while I’m in the perfect mood for it!

Now, back to composing Ballet music – I have a lot of pieces started that need completing! The last upload was the solo piano version of this piece and it’s been a lot of fun orchestrating it. Often I write for orchestra first but this time decided to work the other way around which has been an interesting exercise.

This version has some added drama and would work well for grand battement, piqué and jetés 🙂 x

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Pliés in F Major – Piano Arrangement

Pliés in F Major – Piano Arrangement

This week I started arranging my first ballet class collection for piano and here is the first track! In addition to the piece you can also download the sheet music as a PDF file if you feel the urge to play along 🙂 xMore Ballet Music