Mythology Music - Ballet Music Collection 2

Release Date TBC
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Atheen at Piano

About me: I’m a female composer from the UK who trained in ISTD and Vaganova styles as a young girl. I auditioned for The White Lodge Ballet School at age 11 and was later offered a place at the wonderful Weguelin Russian Ballet School in Tunbridge Wells following a Summer School visit (although circumstances meant that I was sadly unable to attend).

As a young girl I always dreamed of putting on a white tutu, satin pink shoes and dancing to classical music, so was shocked to find that lessons required a black leotard, black leather shoes and we danced to piano music! Back at home I would put Tchaikovsky and Delibes albums on the record player and leap off the furniture, so as I became more involved in music composition and production, it became my dream to create some beautiful orchestral pieces that could be used in a classroom setting and for personal practise.

In the future I have plans to release more of this music, plus to score a short ballet, which is already underway!

As someone who loves ballet and music equally, I really hope to see some of you performing to these pieces and would very much welcome you tagging your videos with #balletclassmusic

Happy Dancing!
Atheen x